The best way to dispose oil & grease with Bio Cleanser

When it comes to cleaning oil and grease usually there are no volunteers. This is most likely because grease feels unnatural to our hands. And you don’t have to stick your fingers in the grease to get attached to it. Now beside that it feels terrible in certain cases it is very tough to get rid of it. You can think of kitchen situations such as “but not limited to” Baking pans, Dishes, Floor spills, Stains, Ovens, etc. Now beside the fact that this product is a must have in today’s household.

Now the particular question is how hard it would be to clean grease with Bio Cleanser and what is the best way to approach it? Simply fill up a bucket of water Circa 2L to 3L make sure you use hot water.(But then again who cleans with cold water.) Now fill the bottle cap with Bio Cleanser and put it in the bucket of water. Make sure you put Bio Cleanser after you filled it with water to avoid foam.

Another thing you should know is that Bio Cleanser is very powerful. You should make sure that the undiluted product easily leaves stripes on glass, cars, floors, dishes. You want to make sure that you use just enough of Bio Cleanser.

Guaranteed environmental friendly & 100% biodegradable
Even though Bio Cleanser is capable of perfectly & efficient of cleaning all these applications. Bio Cleanser can assure that it is completely environmental friendly and 100% biodegradable.
Now imagine you need to clean something that’s much tougher. Something such as a minor “Or major” oil spill or a fuel leak on the road. Bio Cleanser will take care of this without any physical work other than simply easily brush the product through the fuel / oil for a short while. Again make sure you use hot water in order to activate the cleaning process.

Can be used with simple cleaning tools

Bio Cleanser can be used with simple tools such as a brush, sponge, wipe, dish wash machine (Make sure you use very little of the product) or you could use more advanced & industrial tools such as a high pressure cleaner, steam cleaner, tank cleaning system, sprain system, and many others.