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Rigzone the B2B Oil & Gas platform

The number 1 B2B oil & gas platform

The Oil & Gas industry is a though business to get involved to. When you have a product that is suitable to clean oil spills. Or a service such as Tank cleaning, Rig cleaning, Offshore cleaning, Drilling, Engineering, Transportation, etc.

How to get listed as an oil & gas business?

It takes a lot of time to get listed as an oil & gas business. Sure you can sign up at any oil & gas community but that wont get you your customers. The first step you want to take is to Rigzone
Under the Oil & Gas Directory you will see 4 categories.

  • Companies
  • Products
  • Services
  • Regions

First you should list yourself as a company. This way your competitors & potential customers will find you much faster. After you signed up at Rigzone go to You should make sure to add atleast 4 listings (1 for each section) Also make sure that you always add your website url under each listing. This will give you a potential backlink to your website which will improve your google ranking.

How to get in touch with your potential customers

There are a few other options to get in touch with the other listed companies at Rigzone 1: Simply go trough the company listings and simply send out emails. However the success rate of getting an reply isnt that big. The secret ingredient u want to use is Linkedin. If you havent signed up at Linkedin yet you want to make sure you do. After you signed up Follow the following page: Now that you have followed Rigzone you might want to consider a premium Linkedin account. The extra features (Depending on the account you choose) will help you to improve your business showcase. But most important it helps you how to get in touch with major companies and competitors real easy. You get access to all customers & followers.

Get my first sale trough Rigzone

Now that you have setup your Rigzone & Linkedin profiles you start need to connect the dots. You want to connect your products and services from Rigzone to your Linkedin account by simply submit your products and services to linkedin. Now if you did everything as mentiont your Rigzone listings will connect to your Website / Webshop. (Make sure your website is 1: Easy to understand who you are and what you do 2: Clear what you want your users to do (Trough a trigger method) and 3: Make sure there’s enough ways for the customer to get in touch with your company such as: contact form, phone number, socialmedia pages such as facebook, twitter, etc)

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