Bio Cleanser household applications

household cleaning applications with Bio Cleanser

Bio Cleanser is suitable for household cleaning applications

Bio Cleanser is a household cleaning solution that is safe to use for the environment & user. Bio Cleanser is suitable for biodegrading and removing all forms of mineral, synthetic and animal oil, grease, fat and vegetables.

Bio Cleanser is perfect for household cleaning tasks such as Floor cleaning, Oven cleaning, Dish wash, Window cleaning, Bathroom cleaning, Car washing, Fire extinguishing, Moss removal, And many other tasks. Beside the fact that Bio Cleanser is a multi purpose product, it is also 100% biodegradable (within 1 hour to 21 days depending on situation). it can be safely discharged into waste water without needing any further treatment. Bio Cleanser is available in multiple countries and is also reffered to as

One household cleaning product only

With Bio-Cleanser you can forget about all the other products on your shelf. Whether you want to clean your Wooden floor, Carpet floor, Your couch, or even oven or car engine. All these applications are suitable with the household cleaning solution of Bio Cleanser. You might wonder why this product is both used in household and industrial areas and yet is very suitable for both. Well that is easy to explain the reason it is suitable for both is because the PH value is between 4 – 6 while most cleaning agent products have a PH value of 10 – 15. Which means they are alkaline products like batteries for example. Even though the PH value of Bio Cleanser is very low this product is very powerful. Guaranteed 100% success in Household cleaning applications

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