Engines, parts and other components

Effective Cleaning Agent for Industrial Engines, Parts and other Components

There are times when you find it very difficult to clean certain surfaces that require tough cleaning. Trying to remove stains and chemicals from a specific surface will significantly take more work as well as time. This scenario is extremely experienced in industries where grease, oil, dirt and fat are usually found on engines, parts as well as other components.

Reliable and Effective Cleaning Agent

If you are looking for the most effective way to clean hardly stained engines and other components in your business establishment, then you can take advantage of AQUAQUICK 2000 cleaning agents. Both friendly for the users as well as the environment, your engines, parts and components will be cleared out from dirt for optimal performance.

We are clearly focused on our proven and tested, effective cleaning method you can ever use. They significantly avoid contents like strong acids, alkaline, and other hazardous solvents to provide completely safe cleaning solutions for your engine parts and components.

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Drainage spills management

When it comes to prevention of drainage spills contamination, it is important that you get top quality and a reliable product that will help you efficiently and conveniently. AQUAQUICK 2000 offers excellent products that will help you in drainage spill application while helping you save time and money.

Why Carefully Manage Drainage Spills?

As a company owner, you are perfectly aware that oil spills cost your business tremendously. Hence, this requires you to get expensive cleaners as well as oil-skimming equipment while paying extra personnel just to clean the mess up. You also settle health and medical bills, damages, fines as well as other liabilities.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you manage this kind of problem cost effectively. When you choose to integrate preventive measures as well as reliable equipment in stopping oil spills, you will surely avoid high costs and hazardous impacts on your business.

Under our SApCom services department, we will provide you with suitable solutions such as:
•Ship and Marine
•Oil and Gas
•Power and Energy
•Machinery and Fabrications
•Food Industry
•And other related industries

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Convenient and Efficient Degassing Solution

Degassing of liquids is actually a very exciting application for ultrasonic gadgets. In this process, the ultrasound efficiently removes tiny suspended gas bubbles while decreasing the dissolved gas level below its natural equilibrium.

Degassing is important when it comes to the following purposes:
•Sample preparation prior to particle-size measurement in order to prevent errors in measurements
•Lubricant and oil degassing prior to pumping in order to decrease pump wear because of cavitation
•Liquid foods degassing such as sauce, juice and wine in order to reduce growth of microorganisms while increasing shelf life
•Varnishes and polymers degassing prior to curing and application

Apparently, there are various strategies when degassing media like helium sparging, subsequent filtering, and warming as well as vacuum degassing. It can provide you with effective degassing but more efficient if you will use an excellent solvent along with the process of degassing.

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Bio Cleanser the modern household solution

What makes Bio Cleanser so unique

A lot of people have asked what it is that makes Bio Cleanser so unique! Usually we say it is environmental friendly, and that it is 100% biodegradable within: 60 minutes (->)  21 days. We also assure that this product is save for the user in any kind of way. Other great benefits of Bio Cleanser is that it is basically the only cleaning supply you will ever need from here one. The Bio Cleanser Household series is very powerful. You can clean your entire house using 1 bucket filled with water (4L) and  (25ML) Bio Cleanser Household Series. Even when the water is full of dirt, fats, oil, or anything else the product will still clean.  Do you have a lot of stains on your windows or bathroom floors & walls? Bio Cleanser is a degreasing dispersant this means that even 2 weeks after you showered you won’t find any stains or water drips on your bathroom wall. If you think this is great than you haven’t seen nothing yet. Bio Cleanser is great for car cleaning specially for rims. Your car shines longer than usual and cleaning is easier than usual. Make sure you use enough water. If you use to much Bio Cleanser it will leave stripes. When using Bio Cleanser it is best to first fill it with water and then add the product. If you switch this around you will get a lot of foam. Bio Cleanser gets best activated with hot water. In cases of grease, oil and fats this could be necessary (Depending on the situation)

Bio Cleanser the advanced cleanser

Bio Cleanser is an advanced brand of AQUAQUICK 2000 a company with over 50 years of history. Which have shown great results. Today’s day AQUAQUICK 2000 is manufactured in the Netherlands by AQUAQUICK EUROPE & AQUAQUICK GLOBAL B.V  The inventor of AQUAQUICK 2000 has passed on at 09-06-2009. The business has remain within the family as his son & grandson are running the company as we speak.

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