What is Bio Cleanser blog all about?

Bio Cleanser blog is an concept that spreads news about the environmental AQUAQUICK product range. Trough this site multiple users share their AQUAQUICK Experiences and business developments regarding the AQUAQUICK products. This platform is launched by AQUAQUICK EUROPE since 2014. Since than a lot of excited partners have shared their information with us to release on the Bio Cleanser blog. All this information is to inform you on the progress of an environmental friendly cleaning solution spread around the world. BIO CLEANSER is a modern concept that reflects on the AQUAQUICK community.

Bio Cleanser blog also connects all other AQUAQUICK parties trough forwarding links to the right direction soon we will release more about the AQUAQUICK url Library.  Bio Cleanser is constantly involved in improving environment solutions.  As the slogan of AQUAQUICK 2000 has always said “We will clean the future” and as we believe the future is now. Internet has given us a lot of advantages and disadvantages around the world. But it has given us the power to spread positive solutions as well. jump in and start your research in AQUAQUICK 2000 and help the world towards a cleaner environment.

Bio cleanser SApCom cleaning applications

Bio Cleanser is a very successful industrial cleaning agent. Today we will discuss the benefits of the cleaning applications Bio-cleanser has to offer – AQ2000. As we have mentioned previous AQUAQUICK 2000 is an environmental friendly cleaning product used as a degreaser, dispersant, surfactant, fire extinguisher, that is both non toxic & non corrosive to Humans, Animals, Materials. But what we didn’t mention is that Bio cleanser has a technical department that specializes in providing environment safe alternative treatment & cleaning solutions.

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SApCom – Supply, Apply, Comply – Cleaning applications

  • Supplying of environment safe products
  • Applying the products correctly
  • Complying to the standards and requirements from our clients and environment authorities

Bio cleanser – SApCom solution offers a wide range of industrial applications which require professional skill. Our team are highly skilled experienced, efficient, and professional. They posses the necessary qualifications & certifications for their jobs.

AQUAQUICK SApCom Preparation & Reports

We prepare project reports and updates at site. We have a team of qualified inspectors, HSE specialist and engineers to assist in our projects. We provide laboratory test results on our projects to confirm completion of project and tasks. We submit and co-ordinate with environment authorities on our projects.

SApCom applications

1. Oil spills & Land sea
2. Soil & sand washing & treatment
3. Storage & vessel tank cleaning
4. Pipe pre-com & de-com degreasing
5. Oil base mud recovery & treatment
6. Bio-pond & pit cleaning
7. Oil recovery
8. General maintenance

These are some of the main applications that SApCom provides. However most applications provided by AQUAQUICK EUROPE & SApCom are based on the requirements & needs of our clients. This means that we will solve the problems our clients are facing. Whether it has something to do with either Grease, Fats, Mineral or Oil, Gas, Diesel,etc. Our product + applications guarantee a 100% success rate.

AQUAQUICK 2000 – SApCom experienced in

01. heavy maintenance
02. Fire test & extinguishing properties
03. Heavy oil stained floor cleaning
04. Gas tank external cleaning
05. Soil treatment & washing
06. Heavy oil stains cleaning
07. Toy manufacturing
08. Rig maintenance
09. Sea spills
10. Sea spills 2
11. Tank sludge cleaning
12. Palm mill maintenance
13. Soil spill washing
14. Road spills
15. Aviation industry
16. Eco H2o- waste water treatment
17. Base slope & road works
18. Bio-pond treatment
19. Oil base mud treatment
20. Ultra-sonic cleaning
21. Marine land fill
22. Confined space cleaning
23. Metal & plastic parts degreasing
24. Surface preparation works
25. Internal tank cleaning
26. Non-toxic & non hazardous
27. Beach & swamp spills
28. Wild life conservation
29. Heavy equipment degreasing
30. Hands cleaning & maintenance

How to get in touch with AQUAQUICK EUROPE – SApCom

Inorder to get in touch with either AQUAQUICK EUROPE or AQUAQUICK 2000 SApCom you can go to the website of AQUAQUICK 2000 You could also send an email to:

  • info@aquaquick2000.com
  • jaimy@aquaquick2000.com
  • nick@aquaquick2000.com

You could also call +31(6)41189424 & +31(6)21181534 inorder to get more information about their products & cleaning applications

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The best way to dispose oil & grease with Bio Cleanser

When it comes to cleaning oil and grease usually there are no volunteers. This is most likely because grease feels unnatural to our hands. And you don’t have to stick your fingers in the grease to get attached to it. Now beside that it feels terrible in certain cases it is very tough to get rid of it. You can think of kitchen situations such as “but not limited to” Baking pans, Dishes, Floor spills, Stains, Ovens, etc. Now beside the fact that this product is a must have in today’s household.

Now the particular question is how hard it would be to clean grease with Bio Cleanser and what is the best way to approach it? Simply fill up a bucket of water Circa 2L to 3L make sure you use hot water.(But then again who cleans with cold water.) Now fill the bottle cap with Bio Cleanser and put it in the bucket of water. Make sure you put Bio Cleanser after you filled it with water to avoid foam.

Another thing you should know is that Bio Cleanser is very powerful. You should make sure that the undiluted product easily leaves stripes on glass, cars, floors, dishes. You want to make sure that you use just enough of Bio Cleanser.

Guaranteed environmental friendly & 100% biodegradable
Even though Bio Cleanser is capable of perfectly & efficient of cleaning all these applications. Bio Cleanser can assure that it is completely environmental friendly and 100% biodegradable.
Now imagine you need to clean something that’s much tougher. Something such as a minor “Or major” oil spill or a fuel leak on the road. Bio Cleanser will take care of this without any physical work other than simply easily brush the product through the fuel / oil for a short while. Again make sure you use hot water in order to activate the cleaning process.

Can be used with simple cleaning tools

Bio Cleanser can be used with simple tools such as a brush, sponge, wipe, dish wash machine (Make sure you use very little of the product) or you could use more advanced & industrial tools such as a high pressure cleaner, steam cleaner, tank cleaning system, sprain system, and many others.

household cleaning applications with Bio Cleanser

Bio Cleanser is suitable for household cleaning applications

Bio Cleanser is a household cleaning solution that is safe to use for the environment & user. Bio Cleanser is suitable for biodegrading and removing all forms of mineral, synthetic and animal oil, grease, fat and vegetables.

Bio Cleanser is perfect for household cleaning tasks such as Floor cleaning, Oven cleaning, Dish wash, Window cleaning, Bathroom cleaning, Car washing, Fire extinguishing, Moss removal, And many other tasks. Beside the fact that Bio Cleanser is a multi purpose product, it is also 100% biodegradable (within 1 hour to 21 days depending on situation). it can be safely discharged into waste water without needing any further treatment. Bio Cleanser is available in multiple countries and is also reffered to as

One household cleaning product only

With Bio-Cleanser you can forget about all the other products on your shelf. Whether you want to clean your Wooden floor, Carpet floor, Your couch, or even oven or car engine. All these applications are suitable with the household cleaning solution of Bio Cleanser. You might wonder why this product is both used in household and industrial areas and yet is very suitable for both. Well that is easy to explain the reason it is suitable for both is because the PH value is between 4 – 6 while most cleaning agent products have a PH value of 10 – 15. Which means they are alkaline products like batteries for example. Even though the PH value of Bio Cleanser is very low this product is very powerful. Guaranteed 100% success in Household cleaning applications

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